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Submit an annotation for entry PF14060

This form is intended for the submission of extra textual information about this Pfam entry. If you believe that there is a sequence in the existing pfamseq database that should be part of an entry, please provide the sequence accession and evidence for the inclusion of the sequence, such as a sequence alignment. Literature references, where available, are helpful.

Please do not submit raw sequences. We will discard any sequences that are submitted without explanatory text.

You must supply information for all of the fields marked with a "*". After submission you will see a page confirming that your comments have been accepted and you will then be redirected, after a short delay, back to the entry page that you came from. Your annotation will be entered into our request tracking system and you will receive a confirmation email at the address that you specify.

Every annotation is reviewed by one of our curators. Please try to include as much information as possible, so that we can assess your annotation and quickly incorporate your data into Pfam.