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Clan: Beta_propeller (CL0186)


Beta propeller clan Add an annotation

This large clan contains proteins that contain beta propellers. These are composed of between 6 and 8 repeats. The individual repeats are composed of a four stranded sheet. The clan includes families such as WD40 Pfam:PF00400 where the individual repeats are modeled. The clan also includes families where the entire propeller is modeled such as Pfam:PF02239 usually because the individual repeats are not discernible. These proteins carry out a very wide diversity of functions including catalysis.

This clan contains 60 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 356413. The clan was built by A Bateman.

Literature references

  1. Murzin AG; , Proteins. 1992;14:191-201.: Structural principles for the propeller assembly of beta-sheets: the preference for seven-fold symmetry. PUBMED:1409568 EPMC:1409568


This clan contains the following 60 member families:

Apc4_WD40 Arylesterase Arylsulfotran_2 Arylsulfotrans Beta_propel CNH Coatomer_WDAD CPSF_A Cytochrom_D1 DPPIV_N DUF1513 DUF1668 DUF1900 DUF2415 DUF3312 DUF4652 DUF839 eIF2A FG-GAP FG-GAP_2 Glu_cyclase_2 Gmad1 GSDH IKI3 Kelch_1 Kelch_2 Kelch_3 Kelch_4 Kelch_5 Kelch_6 Lactonase Ldl_recept_b Lgl_C LVIVD Me-amine-dh_H MRJP Nbas_N Neisseria_PilC NHL Nucleoporin_N Nup160 PD40 Pectate_lyase22 Peptidase_S9_N Phytase-like PQQ PQQ_2 PQQ_3 RAG2 RCC1 RCC1_2 Reg_prop SBBP SBP56 SdiA-regulated SGL Str_synth TcdB_toxin_midN VCBS WD40

Domain organisation

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The table below shows the number of occurrences of each domain throughout the sequence database. More...

Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
WD40 (PF00400) 193252 (54.2%) View
Kelch_1 (PF01344) 19043 (5.3%) View
PD40 (PF07676) 15082 (4.2%) View
RCC1 (PF00415) 14888 (4.2%) View
Ldl_recept_b (PF00058) 8618 (2.4%) View
PQQ_2 (PF13360) 7855 (2.2%) View
Cytochrom_D1 (PF02239) 7650 (2.1%) View
VCBS (PF13517) 7532 (2.1%) View
Reg_prop (PF07494) 7311 (2.1%) View
NHL (PF01436) 7067 (2.0%) View
RAG2 (PF03089) 5792 (1.6%) View
Kelch_4 (PF13418) 4909 (1.4%) View
Lactonase (PF10282) 4118 (1.2%) View
PQQ (PF01011) 3998 (1.1%) View
Kelch_3 (PF13415) 3739 (1.0%) View
RCC1_2 (PF13540) 3569 (1.0%) View
GSDH (PF07995) 3525 (1.0%) View
SGL (PF08450) 3454 (1.0%) View
Peptidase_S9_N (PF02897) 3044 (0.9%) View
DPPIV_N (PF00930) 2539 (0.7%) View
FG-GAP (PF01839) 2456 (0.7%) View
PQQ_3 (PF13570) 1943 (0.5%) View
CNH (PF00780) 1933 (0.5%) View
Kelch_6 (PF13964) 1811 (0.5%) View
DUF839 (PF05787) 1732 (0.5%) View
Kelch_5 (PF13854) 1509 (0.4%) View
Phytase-like (PF13449) 1288 (0.4%) View
CPSF_A (PF03178) 1132 (0.3%) View
FG-GAP_2 (PF14312) 1055 (0.3%) View
eIF2A (PF08662) 1027 (0.3%) View
Arylsulfotrans (PF05935) 999 (0.3%) View
Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
MRJP (PF03022) 978 (0.3%) View
DUF1900 (PF08954) 952 (0.3%) View
SdiA-regulated (PF06977) 899 (0.3%) View
Coatomer_WDAD (PF04053) 828 (0.2%) View
Str_synth (PF03088) 707 (0.2%) View
Kelch_2 (PF07646) 698 (0.2%) View
SBBP (PF06739) 656 (0.2%) View
Neisseria_PilC (PF05567) 608 (0.2%) View
Nucleoporin_N (PF08801) 599 (0.2%) View
DUF1668 (PF07893) 450 (0.1%) View
LVIVD (PF08309) 449 (0.1%) View
Arylsulfotran_2 (PF14269) 447 (0.1%) View
SBP56 (PF05694) 437 (0.1%) View
Glu_cyclase_2 (PF05096) 437 (0.1%) View
Gmad1 (PF10647) 420 (0.1%) View
IKI3 (PF04762) 404 (0.1%) View
Nup160 (PF11715) 339 (0.1%) View
Lgl_C (PF08596) 313 (0.1%) View
DUF1513 (PF07433) 313 (0.1%) View
TcdB_toxin_midN (PF12256) 294 (0.1%) View
Apc4_WD40 (PF12894) 282 (0.1%) View
Arylesterase (PF01731) 216 (0.1%) View
Beta_propel (PF09826) 199 (0.1%) View
Pectate_lyase22 (PF14583) 173 (0.0%) View
DUF2415 (PF10313) 152 (0.0%) View
DUF3312 (PF11768) 103 (0.0%) View
Me-amine-dh_H (PF06433) 83 (0.0%) View
Nbas_N (PF15492) 74 (0.0%) View
DUF4652 (PF15525) 33 (0.0%) View
Total: 60 Total: 356413 Clan alignment

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Family relationships

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Species distribution

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For those sequences which have a structure in the Protein DataBank, we use the mapping between UniProt, PDB and Pfam coordinate systems from the MSD group, to allow us to map Pfam domains onto UniProt three-dimensional structures. The table below shows the mapping between the Pfam families in this clan, the corresponding UniProt entries, and the region of the three-dimensional structures that are available for that sequence.

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