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Clan: PKinase (CL0016)


Protein kinase superfamily Add an annotation

This superfamily includes the Serine/Threonine- and Tyrosine- protein kinases as well as related kinases that act on non-protein substrates.

This clan contains 20 families and the total number of domains in the clan is 409695. The clan was built by DJ Studholme.

Literature references

  1. Hanks SK, Quinn AM; , Methods Enzymol 1991;200:38-62.: Protein kinase catalytic domain sequence database: identification of conserved features of primary structure and classification of family members. PUBMED:1956325 EPMC:1956325
  2. Hanks SK, Hunter T; , FASEB J 1995;9:576-596.: Protein kinases 6. The eukaryotic protein kinase superfamily: kinase (catalytic) domain structure and classification. PUBMED:7768349 EPMC:7768349
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This clan contains the following 20 member families:

ABC1 APH APH_6_hur Choline_kinase DUF1679 DUF2252 EcKinase Fructosamin_kin Kdo Kinase-like KIND PIP49_C Pkinase Pkinase_Tyr Pox_ser-thr_kin RIO1 Seadorna_VP7 UL97 WaaY YrbL-PhoP_reg

Domain organisation

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The table below shows the number of occurrences of each domain throughout the sequence database. More...

Pfam family Num. domains Alignment
Pkinase (PF00069) 232632 (56.8%) View
APH (PF01636) 64025 (15.6%) View
Pkinase_Tyr (PF07714) 52710 (12.9%) View
ABC1 (PF03109) 20470 (5.0%) View
Fructosamin_kin (PF03881) 10465 (2.6%) View
Kdo (PF06293) 8959 (2.2%) View
RIO1 (PF01163) 3615 (0.9%) View
Choline_kinase (PF01633) 3480 (0.8%) View
YrbL-PhoP_reg (PF10707) 2854 (0.7%) View
WaaY (PF06176) 2748 (0.7%) View
EcKinase (PF02958) 2560 (0.6%) View
APH_6_hur (PF04655) 1918 (0.5%) View
DUF2252 (PF10009) 1325 (0.3%) View
PIP49_C (PF12260) 595 (0.1%) View
KIND (PF16474) 356 (0.1%) View
DUF1679 (PF07914) 342 (0.1%) View
Kinase-like (PF14531) 290 (0.1%) View
UL97 (PF06734) 250 (0.1%) View
Pox_ser-thr_kin (PF05445) 87 (0.0%) View
Seadorna_VP7 (PF07387) 14 (0.0%) View
Total: 20 Total: 409695 Clan alignment

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Family relationships

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Species distribution

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This tree shows the occurrence of the domains in this clan across different species. More...



For those sequences which have a structure in the Protein DataBank, we use the mapping between UniProt, PDB and Pfam coordinate systems from the MSD group, to allow us to map Pfam domains onto UniProt three-dimensional structures. The table below shows the mapping between the Pfam families in this clan, the corresponding UniProt entries, and the region of the three-dimensional structures that are available for that sequence.

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