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Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
ID Accession SCOP identifier Description
2H CL0247 n/a 2H phosphoesterase superfamily
2heme_cytochrom CL0328 81342 Transmembrane di-heme cytochrome superfamily
30K_movement CL0571 n/a 30 kDa viral movement proteins superfamily
4Fe-4S CL0344 54862 4Fe-4S ferredoxins
4HB_MCP CL0457 47170 Aspartate chemoreceptor, signal-transduction ligand-binding
4H_Cytokine CL0053 47266 4-helical cytokine superfamily
5_3_exonuc_C CL0464 47807 5'-3'-exonuclease C-terminal sub-region
6PGD_C CL0106 48179 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase C-terminal-like superfamily
6_Hairpin CL0059 48208 Six-hairpin glycosidase superfamily
AA_dh_N CL0603 53223 Aminoacid dehydrogenase-like, N-terminal domain superfamily
ABC-2 CL0181 n/a ABC-2-transporter-like clan
ABC_membrane CL0241 90123 ABC transporter membrane domain clan
AbiEI CL0578 n/a Antitoxin of Type IV toxin-antitoxin, Abi system
AbrB CL0132 54742 AbrB/MraZ DNA-binding domain
AB_hydrolase CL0028 53474 Alpha/Beta hydrolase fold
AcetylDC-like CL0332 50692 Acetyl-decarboxylase like superfamily
Acetyltrans CL0257 55729 N-acetyltransferase like
ACT CL0070 55021 ACT-like domain
Actin_ATPase CL0108 53067 Actin-like ATPase Superfamily
Acyl-CoA_dh CL0087 47203 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain-like
AcylCoA_ox_dh_N CL0544 56645 Acyl-coenzyme A oxidase/dehydrogenase N-terminal
Acylphosphatase CL0622 54975 Acylphosphatase/BLUF domain-like superfamily
Acyltransferase CL0228 69593 Acyltransferase clan
Acyl_transf_3 CL0316 n/a Membrane acyl transferase superfamily
ADC-like CL0403 n/a Acetoacetate decarboxylase-like
ADF CL0092 55753 82754 Actin depolymerizing Factor
Adhesin CL0204 49401 Bacterial adhesin superfamily
ADP-ribosyl CL0084 56399 ADP-ribosylation Superfamily
AEP CL0243 56748 Archaeo-eukaryotic primase
Aerolisin_ETX CL0345 56973 Aerolysin/ETX pore-forming domain superfamily
AFP_III-like CL0489 51269 Type III antifreeze and spore coat polysaccharide
Aha1_BPI CL0648 55393 Aha1/BPI domain-like superfamily
AhpD-like CL0423 69118 AhpD-like superfamily
AIG2 CL0278 n/a AIG2/ChaC-like superfamily
AlbA CL0441 82704 RNA-DNA binding Alba-like superfamily
ALDC CL0615 117856 ALDC superfamily
ALDH-like CL0099 53720 ALDH-like superfamily
Alk_phosphatase CL0088 53649 Alkaline phosphatase-like
Allatostatin CL0284 n/a Allatostatin superfamily
Amidohydrolase CL0034 51556 Amidohydrolase superfamily
AMP-binding_C CL0531 n/a AMP-binding enzyme C-terminal domain superfamily
AMP_N-like CL0356 53092 Creatinase/prolidase N-terminal domain superfamily
Ank CL0465 48403 Ankyrin repeat superfamily
ANL CL0378 56801 ANL superfamily
Anoctamin-like CL0416 n/a Transmembrane protein families of the Anoctamin type
Ant-toxin_C CL0386 54334 Superantigen toxins, C-terminal domain superfamily
Anti-sigma_N CL0645 89069 N-terminal, cytoplasmic domain of anti-sigma factor superfamily
Antibiotic_NAT CL0627 110710 DUF436/YokD-like superfamily
Antihemostatic CL0620 57262 Leech antihemostatic protein superfamily
AOC_barrel CL0650 141492 AOC barrel-like superfamily
APC CL0062 n/a APC superfamily
APCOP-app_sub CL0545 55711 Clathrin (AP) and COPI appendage platform subdomain
Apoptosis-Inhib CL0453 n/a Inhibitors of suppressors of apoptosis Bax/Bak
Arginase CL0302 52768 Arginase/deacetylase superfamily
Arrestin_N-like CL0135 81291 Arrestin_N-like
AsmA-like CL0401 n/a AsmA-like OmpF regulator protein superfamily
Asp-glut_race CL0399 53681 Aspartate/glutamate racemase superfamily
AT14A-like CL0133 n/a AT14A-like
ATP-grasp CL0179 56059 ATP-grasp superfamily
ATPase_I_AtpR CL0478 n/a F-type and N-type ATPase, I/AtpR subunit
ATP_synthase CL0255 n/a ATP synthase F0 subunit
AVL9 CL0330 n/a Late secretory pathway transport machinery
Bacteriocin_TLN CL0446 n/a Translocation domain of colicin-like bacteriocins
bBprotInhib CL0354 50882 beta-Barrel protease inhibitors
BCLiA CL0551 56854 Bcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death
Beta-lactamase CL0013 56601 Serine beta-lactamase-like superfamily
Beta-tent CL0080 51316 Beta-tent fold
Beta_propeller CL0186 n/a Beta propeller clan
beta_Roll CL0592 51120 beta-strand roll of R-module, superfamily
Bet_V_1_like CL0209 55961 Bet V 1 like
BIR-like CL0417 57925 BIR-like domains
BPD_transp_1 CL0404 n/a BPD transporter like
BRCT-like CL0459 52113 BRCT like
bZIP CL0018 n/a bZIP-like leucine zipper
B_Fructosidase CL0143 75005 Beta fructosidase superfamily
B_GA CL0598 46997 Bacterial immunoglobulin/albumin-binding domain superfamily
C1 CL0006 57889 Protein kinase C, C1 domain
C1q_TNF CL0100 49842 C1q and TNF superfamily
C2 CL0154 49562 C2 superfamily
C2H2-zf CL0361 57667 Classical C2H2 and C2HC zinc fingers
Cache CL0165 n/a Cache-like domain
Calcineurin CL0163 56300 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase superfamily
Calycin CL0116 50814 Calycin superfamily
CAP CL0659 n/a Cysteine-rich secretory proteins
CAP_C-like CL0391 69340 Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) C terminal like
Cargo_bd_muHD CL0448 49447 Second domain of Mu2 adaptin subunit (ap50) of ap2 adaptor
CBD CL0203 49384 Carbohydrate binding domain superfamily
CBD9-like CL0559 49344 Small molecule-binding and fam 9 carbohydrate-binding module
CBM CL0535 51055 Carbohydrate-binding superfamily
CBM_14_19 CL0155 57625 Carbohydrate binding domain 14/19 clan
CCCH_zf CL0537 90229 CCCH-zinc finger
CcdB_PemK CL0624 50118 Cell growth inhibitor/plasmid maintenance toxic component superfamily
CCT CL0281 n/a CCT like-motif
CDA CL0109 53927 Cytidine deaminase-like (CDA) superfamily
CDC CL0293 n/a Cholesterol-dependent cytolysin superfamily
Cdc48_2-like CL0402 54585 Cdc48 domain 2-like
CH CL0188 47576 Calponin homology domain
Chalcone-like CL0560 54626 Chalcone isomerase-like superfamily
Chaperone-J CL0392 46565 Chaperone J-domain superfamily
CHCH CL0351 n/a Coiled-coil helix coiled-coil helix superfamily
CheC-like CL0355 103039 CheC-like superfamily
Chelatase CL0043 53800 Chelatase Superfamily
Chemosens_recp CL0176 n/a Chemosensory 7tm receptor superfamily
CheY CL0304 52172 CheY-like superfamily
CheY-binding CL0634 55052 CheY-binding domain of CheA superfamily
CI-2 CL0367 54654 CI-2 family of serine protease inhibitors
ClpP_crotonase CL0127 52096 ClpP/Crotonase superfamily
CoA-acyltrans CL0149 52777 CoA-dependent acyltransferase superfamily
Cob_adeno_trans CL0601 89028 Cobalamin adenosyltransferase-like superfamily
Colicin_D_E5 CL0640 102824 Colicin D/E5 nuclease domain superfamily
Colipase CL0621 57190 Colipase-like superfamily
ComplexI-N CL0425 n/a NADH dehydrogenase I, subunit N
Concanavalin CL0004 49944 Concanavalin-like lectin/glucanase superfamily
CopD_like CL0430 n/a Copper resistance protein D
CPA_AT CL0064 n/a CPA/AT transporter superfamily
CRAL_TRIO CL0512 52087 CRAL-TRIO domain superfamily
CTC1 CL0586 n/a CST, telomere maintenance, complex subunit CTC1
CTPT CL0234 n/a CTP transferase-like superfamily
CuAO_N2_N3 CL0047 54416 Copper amine oxidase, domains 1 and 2
CUB CL0164 49854 CUB clan
Cupin CL0029 51181 Cupin fold
CU_oxidase CL0026 49503 Multicopper oxidase-like domain
Cyclin CL0065 47954 Cyclin-like superfamily
Cyclophil-like CL0475 50891 Cyclophilin-like superfamily
Cystatin CL0121 54403 Cystatin-like superfamily
Cystine-knot CL0079 57501 Cystine-knot cytokine superfamily
CYTH CL0273 55154 CYTH-like phosphatase superfamily
Cytochrome-c CL0318 46626 Cytochrome c superfamily
C_Lectin CL0056 56436 C-type lectin-like superfamily
DALR CL0258 47323 DALR superfamily
DAP_epimerase CL0288 54506 DAP epimerase superfamily
DBL CL0195 n/a Duff-binding like superfamily
Death CL0041 47986 Death Domain Superfamily
Defensin CL0075 57392 Defensin/myotoxin-like superfamily
DHFred CL0387 53597 Dihydrofolate reductase-like
DHQS CL0224 56796 Dehydroquinate synthase-like superfamily
Di-copper CL0205 48056 Di-copper centre-containing domain
Dim_A_B_barrel CL0032 54909 Dimeric alpha/beta barrel superfamily
DinB CL0310 109854 DinB-like superfamily
DmpA_ArgJ CL0635 56266 DmpA/ArgJ-like superfamily
DMSO_reductase CL0308 n/a Dimethyl sulfoxide reductase type II family
DMT CL0184 n/a Drug/Metabolite transporter superfamily
DNA-mend CL0382 56349 DNA breaking-rejoining enzyme superfamily
DnaA_N CL0494 n/a DNA-A N-terminal domain-like superfamily
DNase_I-like CL0530 56219 DNase I-like
DNA_b-psBarrel CL0405 101936 DNA-binding pseudo-barrel domain
DNA_clamp CL0060 55979 DNA clamp superfamily
DNA_ligase CL0078 50249 DNA/RNA ligase superfamily
DNA_pol_B-like CL0194 56673 DNA polymerase B like
DNA_primase_lrg CL0242 n/a DNA primase large subunit like
DoxD-like CL0131 n/a DoxD-like
DPBB CL0199 50685 Double Psi beta barrel glucanase
DprA CL0349 102405 MoCo carrier protein-like superfamily
DRMIP-like CL0538 47170 MAPK-interacting Drmip-like superfamily
DsrEFH-like CL0394 75169 DsrEFH-like superfamily
DSRM CL0196 54768 DSRM-like clan
DUF1214 CL0528 n/a DUF1214-like
DUF1735 CL0594 n/a DUF1735-like superfamily
DUF362 CL0471 n/a DUF362-like superfamily
dUTPase CL0153 51283 dUTPase like superfamily
E-set CL0159 49313 Ig-like fold superfamily (E-set)
EDD CL0245 n/a EDD superfamily
EF-G_C CL0437 54980 Transcription elongation factor G C-terminal
EFTPs CL0575 50447 Translation proteins of Elongation Factors superfamily
EF_hand CL0220 47473 EF-hand like superfamily
EGF CL0001 57196 EGF superfamily
eIF4e CL0625 55418 eIF4e-like superfamily
Endonuclease CL0189 n/a Endonuclease V-like superfamily
Enolase_N CL0227 54826 Enolase N-terminal domain-like superfamily
Enolase_TIM CL0256 51604 Enolase like TIM barrel
ENTH_VHS CL0009 n/a ENTH/ANTH/VHS superfamily
EpsM CL0331 103054 General secretion pathway protein M
EPT_RTPC CL0290 55205 EPT/RTPC-like superfamily
EspA_CesA CL0628 116927 EspA/CesA-like superfamily
EsxAB CL0352 140453 WXG100-A/WXG100-B dimer
ETAP CL0610 50090 Electron transport accessory protein superfamily
F-box CL0271 81383 F-box-like domain
FAD-oxidase_C CL0277 55103 FAD-linked oxidase C-terminal domain superfamily
FadR-C CL0388 48008 Fatty acid responsive transcription factor FadR, C-terminal domain
FAD_DHS CL0085 52467 DHS-like NAD/FAD-binding domain
FAD_Lum_binding CL0076 63380 Riboflavin synthase/Ferredoxin reductase FAD binding domain
FAD_oxidored CL0086 51730 FAD-linked oxidoreductase
FAD_PCMH CL0077 56176 PCMH-like FAD binding
FAH CL0377 56529 Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase, C-terminal domain, superfamily
FBA CL0162 n/a F-box associated
FBD CL0289 103026 Folate binding domain
Fer2 CL0486 54292 2Fe-2S iron-sulfur cluster binding domain
FERM_M CL0632 47031 FERM middle domain superfamily
Ferritin CL0044 47240 Ferritin-like Superfamily
FF CL0584 81698 FF domain
FG_rpt CL0647 n/a Nucleoporin FG repeat
Fibrinogen_C CL0422 56496 Fibrinogen C-terminal domain-like
FimbA CL0450 n/a Fimbriae A and Mfa superfamily
FixH-like CL0488 n/a FixH-like
FKBP CL0487 54534 FKBP-like superfamily
Flavoprotein CL0042 52218 Flavoprotein
FliG CL0436 48029 Flagellar motor switch family
FMN-binding CL0336 50475 FMN-binding split barrel superfamily
FMN-dep-NRtase CL0529 55469 FMN-dependent nitroreductase-like
FnI-like CL0451 57603 von Willebrand Factor like superfamily
Form_Glyc_dh CL0325 52283 Formate/glycerate dehydrogenase catalytic domain-like superfamily
Frag1-like CL0412 n/a Frag1 like
FtsL CL0225 n/a FtsL-like superfamily
FucI-AraA_C CL0393 50443 FucI/AraA C-terminal domain-like [50443]
FumRed-TM CL0335 81343 Fumarate reductase respiratory complex transmembrane subunits
Fungal_trans CL0507 n/a Fungal specific transcription factor domain
FUSC CL0307 n/a Fusaric acid resistance protein-like superfamily
Fusion_gly CL0595 n/a Fusion glycoprotein superfamily
Fz CL0644 63501 Frizzled cysteine-rich domain-related superfamily
G-PATCH CL0449 n/a DExH-box splicing factor binding site
G5 CL0593 n/a B region of SasG biofilm-forming surface protein
GAD CL0250 55261 GAD domain superfamily
GADPH_aa-bio_dh CL0139 51800 Amino acid biosynthesis and glycosomal dehydrogenase
GAF CL0161 55781 GAF domain-like
GAG-polyprotein CL0523 n/a LTR-copia-type polyprotein segment
Gal_mutarotase CL0103 74650 Galactose Mutarotase-like superfamily
GAP CL0409 48350 GTPase activation domain superfamily
GatB_YqeY CL0279 89095 YqeY-like superfamily
GBD CL0202 49785 Galactose-binding domain-like superfamily
GCP CL0540 n/a Gamma-tubulin complex superfamily
gCrystallin CL0333 49695 Gamma-Crystallin-like superfamily
GCS CL0286 55931 gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase/glutamine synthetase clan
GFP CL0069 54511 GFP-like superfamily
GF_recep_C-rich CL0547 57184 Growth factor receptor Cys-rich
GG-leader CL0400 n/a Double-Glycine leader-peptide cleavage motif
GH57_38_middle CL0599 88688 Families 57/38 glycoside transferase middle domain superfamily
GHD CL0369 51011 Glycosyl hydrolase domain superfamily
GHKL CL0565 55874 ATPase domain of HSP90, DNA topoisomerase II and histidine kinase
GH_CE CL0158 88713 Glycoside hydrolase/deacetylase superfamily
GIY-YIG CL0418 82771 GIY-YIG endonuclease superfamily
GlnB-like CL0089 54913 GlnB-like superfamily
Globin CL0090 46458 Globin-like
GlpM-like CL0420 n/a Bacterial membrane GlpM-like group
Glutaminase_I CL0014 52317 Class-I Glutamine amidotransferase superfamily
Glycine-zipper CL0500 n/a Glycine-zipper TM superfamily
Glyco_hydro_tim CL0058 51445 Tim barrel glycosyl hydrolase superfamily
Glyoxalase CL0104 54593 VOC superfamily
GME CL0197 55909 GME superfamily
GOLD-like CL0521 101576 Sec14-like superfamily of golgi trafficking
Golgi-transport CL0145 103657 64598 Golgi-transport
Golgi_traff CL0456 n/a Shuttling between cyosol and Golgi, peripheral membrane family
GPCR_A CL0192 81321 Family A G protein-coupled receptor-like superfamily
GroES CL0296 50129 GroES-like superfamily
GST_C CL0497 47616 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain
GT-A CL0110 53448 Glycosyl transferase clan GT-A
GT-B CL0113 53756 Glycosyl transferase clan GT-B
GT-C CL0111 n/a Glycosyl transferase GT-C superfamily
Gx_transp CL0315 n/a Gx transporter superfamily
H-int CL0363 51294 Hedgehog/intein (Hint) superfamily
H2TH CL0303 46946 Helix-two-turns-helix superfamily
HAD CL0137 56784 HAD superfamily
HAS-barrel CL0275 n/a HAS-barrel superfamily
HD_PDEase CL0237 109604 HD/PDEase superfamily
Hect CL0552 56204 Hect, E3 ligase catalytic domain
HeH CL0306 63450 LEM/SAP HeH motif
HemS_ChuX CL0312 144064 Heme iron utilization protein-like superfamily
Herpes_glyco CL0146 n/a Herpes glycoprotein
HEXAPEP CL0536 51161 Hexapeptide repeat superfamily
Hexon CL0611 49749 Hexon-like superfamily
Hexosaminidase CL0546 55545 beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase-like domain
HHH CL0198 n/a Helix-hairpin-helix superfamily
His-Me_finger CL0263 54060 His-Me finger endonuclease superfamily
Histone CL0012 47113 Histone superfamily
His_Kinase_A CL0025 47384 His Kinase A (phospho-acceptor) domain
His_phosphatase CL0071 53254 Histidine phosphatase superfamily
HIT CL0265 54197 HIT superfamily
HMG-box CL0114 47095 HMG-box like superfamily
HNOX-like CL0210 111126 Heme NO and oxygen binding like
HO CL0230 48613 Heme oxygenase-like superfamily
Holin-II CL0563 n/a Bacteriophage holin superfamily II
Holin-III CL0564 n/a Holin superfamily III
Holin-V CL0562 n/a Holin superfamily V
Homing_endonuc CL0324 55608 Homing endonuclease-like superfamily
HotDog CL0050 54637 HotDog superfamily
HRDC-like CL0426 47819 HRDC-like superfamily
HSP20 CL0190 49764 HSP20-like chaperone superfamily
HTH CL0123 46785 46894 88659 46689 48295 Helix-turn-helix clan
HUH CL0481 143422 His-hydrophobic-His tranposase Y1,Y2 superfamily
HUP CL0039 52403 82359 52410 52375 52394 HUP - HIGH-signature proteins, UspA, and PP-ATPase.
Hy-ly_N CL0372 48234 Hyaluronate lyase-like catalytic, N-terminal domain
Hybrid CL0105 51229 Barrel sandwich hybrid superfamily
Hydrophilin CL0385 n/a Hydrophilin-like superfamily
Hypoth_1 CL0447 n/a DUF1304/DUF3784 clan
IDO-like CL0380 140959 Indolic compounds 2,3-dioxygenase-like superfamily
Ig CL0011 48726 Immunoglobulin superfamily
IHF-likeDNA-bdg CL0548 47729 IHF-like DNA-binding protein supewrfamily
IIaaRS-ABD CL0458 52954 Class II aaRS Anticodon-binding domain-like
Inovirus-Coat CL0371 57987 Inovirus (filamentous phage) major coat protein
Insulin CL0239 56994 Insulin-like superfamily
Intron-mat_II CL0359 n/a Type II intron maturase-like superfamily
Ion_channel CL0030 81323 Ion channel (VIC) superfamily
ISOCOT_Fold CL0246 100950 Isomerase,CoA transferase & Translation initiation factor Superfamily
Iso_DH CL0270 53659 Isocitrate/Isopropylmalate dehydrogenase-like superfamily
ISP-domain CL0516 50022 Rieske-like iron-sulphur domain
IT CL0182 n/a IT (Ion Transporter) superfamily
JAB CL0366 n/a JAB-like superfamily
KA1-like CL0573 103243 Kinase associated domain 1-like
KaiA_RbsU CL0637 101215 KaiA/RbsU domain superfamily
Kazal CL0005 57467 Kazal like domain
Keratin_assoc CL0520 n/a Keratin_associated superfamily
KH CL0007 54791 K-Homology (KH) domain Superfamily
KIX_like CL0589 47040 Kix domain of CBP (creb binding protein) and MED13/15
Kleisin CL0157 n/a Kleisin superfamily
Knottin_1 CL0054 57095 Scorpion toxin-like knottin superfamily
KNTase_C CL0291 81593 Nucleotidyltransferase substrate binding domain
KOW CL0107 50104 KOW domain
Kringle CL0602 57440 Kringle/FnII superfamily
l-integrase_N CL0469 47823 lambda integrase N-terminal domain
L27 CL0614 101288 L27 domain superfamily
LCCL-domain CL0513 69849 LCCL-domain like
LDH_C CL0341 56327 LDH C-terminal domain-like superfamily
LEF-8-like CL0410 63562 LEF-8 like region of RNA polymerase Rpb2
Leu-IlvD CL0364 52016 LeuD/IlvD-like
Leukocidin CL0636 56959 Leukocidin-like superfamily
Levi_coat CL0626 55405 RNA bacteriophage capsid protein superfamily
LIG CL0532 63707 Lipid-binding Ig-like superfamily
LigB CL0283 53214 LigB-like superfamily
LisH CL0561 n/a LisH-like
LolA_LolB CL0048 89392 LolA/B superfamily
LppaM CL0421 n/a Lipo-protein attachment motif superfamily
LRR CL0022 50246 Leucine Rich Repeat
LTXXQ-like CL0515 n/a LTXXQ-like superfamily
LYR-like CL0491 n/a Complex1_LYR-like superfamily
LysE CL0292 n/a LysE transporter superfamily
LysM CL0187 54106 LysM-like domain
Lysozyme CL0037 53955 Lysozyme-like superfamily
M6PR CL0226 50911 Mannose 6-phosphate receptor
MACRO CL0223 52949 MACRO domain superfamily
Mad2 CL0651 56019 Mad2 superfamily
Maf CL0269 52972 Maf/Ham1 superfamily
Malectin-like CL0468 n/a Malectin-like superfamily
Man_lectin CL0568 51101 Mannoase-binding lectin superfamily
Marvel-like CL0396 n/a MARVEL domain containing superfamily
Matrix CL0074 47836 Retroviral matrix superfamily
MazG CL0231 n/a all-alpha NTP pyrophosphohydrolase superfamily
MBB CL0193 56924 Outer membrane beta-barrel protein superfamily
MBD-like CL0081 54171 MBD-like DNA-binding domain
MBOAT-like CL0517 n/a Membrane-bound O-acyltransferase,MBOAT,superfamily
MCR CL0618 55088 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase subunit superfamily
Membrane_trans CL0142 81345 Membrane and transport protein
Metallo-HOrase CL0381 56281 Metallo-hydrolase/oxidoreductase superfamily
Metallothionein CL0461 57868 Metal-bound fold, usually iron, metallothionein superfamily
Methionine_synt CL0160 n/a Cobalamin-independent synthase
Met_repress CL0057 47598 MetJ/Arc repressor, antitoxin of TA systems superfamily
MFS CL0015 n/a Major Facilitator Superfamily
MHC CL0343 54452 MHC antigen-recognition domain
MIF CL0082 55331 Tautomerase/MIF superfamily
MIM-OM_import CL0455 n/a Mitochondrial membrane transporting or complex assembly
Mog1p_PsbP CL0619 55724 Mog1p/PsbP-like superfamily
MORN CL0251 82186 MORN repeat
MPT63-MPB63 CL0524 81982 Antigen MPT63/MPB63 (immunoprotective extracellular
MTH1187-YkoF CL0360 89957 MTH1187/YkoF-like superfamily
MtN3-like CL0141 n/a MtN3-like, vesicle-trafficking cargo-receptors
Multiheme_cytos CL0317 48695 Multiheme cytochrome superfamily
MurF-HprK_N CL0365 63417 MurF and HprK N-domain-like superfamily
MviN_MATE CL0222 n/a MviN, MATE-like superfamily
NADP_Rossmann CL0063 51984 51904 51971 51734 FAD/NAD(P)-binding Rossmann fold Superfamily
NAD_Ferredoxin CL0091 52343 Ferredoxin / Ferric reductase-like NAD binding
NfeD-like CL0252 n/a NfeD like
NifU CL0232 n/a NifU C-terminal domain-like superfamily
NPR CL0435 n/a Nitrogen permease regulator family
Nribosyltransf CL0498 52309 N-(deoxy)ribosyltransferase-like superfamily
NTF2 CL0051 54427 NTF2-like superfamily
NTN CL0052 56235 NTN hydrolase superfamily
NTP_transf CL0260 81301 Nucleotidyltransferase superfamily
Nucleocapsid CL0156 n/a Mononegaviral nucleocapsid superfamily
Nucleoporin_A CL0585 117289 Nucleoporin superfamily
Nucleot_cyclase CL0276 55073 Nucleotide cyclase superfamily
NUDIX CL0261 55811 NUDIX superfamily
NusB CL0633 48013 NusB-like superfamily
NusG-like CL0439 82679 NusG-like
O-anti_assembly CL0499 n/a O-antigen assembly enzyme superfamily
OB CL0021 50249 OB fold
OB_enterotoxin CL0658 n/a Bacterial enterotoxin OB-fold
Omega_toxin CL0083 57059 Omega toxin-like
OML_zippers CL0590 58042 Major outer membrane lipoprotein zipper superfamily
OstA CL0259 n/a OstA superfamily
Oxa1 CL0376 n/a Cytochrome oxidase biogenesis family
ox_reductase_C CL0218 55376 Oxidoreductase C terminal like
P-loop_NTPase CL0023 52540 P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase superfamily
P53-like CL0073 49417 Beta-sandwich DNA-binding domain
PA14 CL0301 n/a PA14 superfamily
PAN CL0168 57414 PAN-like
pap2 CL0525 48317 Acid phosphatase/Vanadium-dependent haloperoxidase
PapD-like CL0556 49354 PapD-like superfamily,immunoglobulin-like beta sandwich
Paramyxovirin_C CL0577 n/a C protein of Paramyovirinae families
ParBc CL0248 110849 ParB-like superfamily
PAS_Fold CL0183 55785 PAS domain clan
Patatin CL0323 52151 Patatin/FabD/lysophospholipase-like superfamily
PAZ CL0638 101690 PAZ domain superfamily
PBP CL0177 n/a Periplasmic binding protein clan
PDDEXK CL0236 52980 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease superfamily
PDZ-like CL0466 50156 PDZ domain-like peptide-binding superfamily
Pec_lyase-like CL0268 51126 Pectate lyase-like beta helix
PELOTA CL0101 55315 Pelota - RNA ribose binding superfamily
Pentapeptide CL0505 141571 Pentapeptide repeat
PEP-carboxyk CL0374 53795 PEP carboxykinase-like superfamily
PepSY CL0320 n/a PepSY domain-like superfamily
PepSY_TM-like CL0490 n/a PepSY_TM-like
Peptidase_AA CL0129 50630 Peptidase clan AA
Peptidase_AD CL0130 n/a Peptidase clan AD
Peptidase_CA CL0125 54001 Peptidase clan CA
Peptidase_CD CL0093 52129 Peptidase clan CD
Peptidase_MA CL0126 55486 Peptidase clan MA
Peptidase_MD CL0170 55166 Peptidase MD
Peptidase_ME CL0094 63411 LuxS/MPP-like metallohydrolase
Peptidase_MH CL0035 53187 Peptidase clan MH/MC/MF
Peptidase_ML CL0095 53163 Peptidase Clan ML
Peptidase_PA CL0124 50494 Peptidase clan PA
Peptidase_SF CL0299 51306 Peptidase clan SF
Peptidase_SH CL0201 50789 Peptidase clan SH
Peptidase_U CL0472 n/a Peptidase clan U
Pept_Inhib_IE CL0096 57027 Peptidase Inhibitor Clan IE
Periplas_BP CL0144 53822 Periplasmic binding protein like
Peroxidase CL0617 48113 Heme-dependent peroxidases superfamily
Peroxisome CL0484 n/a Peroxisome-like domain
PF CL0431 55770 103196 Profilin-like superfamily
PFK CL0240 53784 111331 PFK-like superfamily
PFL-like CL0339 51998 PFL-like glycyl radical enzyme superfamily
PgaPase CL0379 53182 Pyroglutamate aminopeptidase superfamily
PGBD CL0244 47090 PGBD superfamily
PH CL0266 50729 PH domain-like superfamily
Phage-coat CL0373 n/a Phage coat superfamily
Phage_barrel CL0504 69279 Phage tail beta-barrel superfamily
Phage_fibre CL0606 69349 Phage fibre superfamily
Phage_TACs CL0567 n/a Phage tail assembly chaperone
Phage_tail CL0348 n/a Phage virion morphogenesis superfamily
Phage_tail_L CL0249 n/a Phage minor tail protein L clan
Phage_TTPs CL0569 n/a Phage tail tube proteins superfamily
PheT-TilS CL0383 56037 Phenylalanine- and lysidine-tRNA synthetase domain superfamily
PHM_PNGase_F CL0612 49742 PHM/PNGase F superfamily
PhosC-NucP1 CL0368 48537 Phospholipase C/P1 nuclease superfamily
Phosphatase CL0031 52799 Phosphatase superfamily
Phospoesterase CL0171 56655 inositol polyphosphate 1 phosphatase like superfamily
PhoU CL0297 109755 PhoU-like superfamily
PilP CL0655 n/a GspC HR domain/PilP-like superfamily
Pilus CL0327 54523 Pilus subunit
PIN CL0280 88723 PIN domain superfamily
PKinase CL0016 n/a Protein kinase superfamily
PK_TIM CL0151 51621 51645 Pyruvate kinase-like TIM barrel superfamily
PLA2 CL0629 48619 Phospholipase A2 superfamily
Plasmid-antitox CL0136 n/a Plasmid toxin-antitoxin system
PLAT CL0321 n/a PLAT domain like superfamily
PLC CL0384 51695 PLC-like phosphodiesterases
PLD CL0479 56024 Phospholipase D superfamily
PLP_aminotran CL0061 53383 PLP dependent aminotransferase superfamily
post-AAA CL0604 48019 post-AAA+ oligomerization domain-like superfamily
Post-HMGL CL0597 89000 Post-HMGL domain-like superfamily
POTRA CL0191 n/a POTRA domain superfamily
POZ CL0033 54695 POZ domain superfamily
PP-binding CL0314 47336 ACP-like superfamily
PP2C CL0238 81606 PP2C-like superfamily
PPP-I CL0570 54897 Protease propeptides/inhibitors
PRC-barrel CL0350 50346 PRC-barrel like superfamily
PRD CL0166 63520 PRD domain superfamily
PreATP-grasp CL0483 52440 Probable substrate-binding preceding ATP-grasp domain
Prefoldin CL0200 46579 Prefoldin
Prolamin CL0482 n/a Di-sulfide bond pairrings
PRTase-like CL0533 53271 PRPP synthetase-associated protein 1
PseudoU_synth CL0649 55120 Pseudouridine synthase superfamily
PSI CL0630 103575 Plexin fold superfamily
PspA CL0235 n/a PspA/ESCRT-III
PTase-anion_tr CL0340 55804 Phosphotransferase/anion transport protein superfamily
PTH2 CL0305 102462 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase II superfamily
PTS_EIIC CL0493 n/a Phosphotransferase system, EIIC superfamily
PUA CL0178 n/a PUA/ASCH superfamily
PUP CL0408 53167 Purine and uridine phosphorylase superfamily
RAMPS-Cas5-like CL0362 n/a CRISPR-associated (Cas) Repair Associated Mysterious Proteins
RAS_GEF_N CL0542 48366 Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity N-term
RBP11-like CL0509 55257 RBP11-like subunits of RNA polymerase
RdRP CL0027 56695 RNA dependent RNA polymerase
Reductase_C CL0608 55424 FAD/NAD-linked reductase C-terminal domain superfamily
Reo_sigma CL0326 49835 Virus attachment protein superfamily
Rep CL0169 55464 Rep-like domain
Retroviral_zf CL0511 57756 Retrovirus zinc finger-like domains
RF CL0337 50475 Release factor superfamily
RGS CL0272 48097 RGS-like superfamily
Rhomboid-like CL0207 n/a Integral membrane protein / protease
Ribokinase CL0118 53613 Ribokinase-like superfamily
Ribos_L15p_L18e CL0588 52080 Ribosomal proteins L15 bacteria, L18e archaea
Ribo_L29 CL0346 46561 Ribosomal protein L29, L29p, superfamily
RIIa CL0068 47391 RIIa-like fold
RING CL0229 57850 Ring-finger/U-box superfamily
RMMBL_DRMBL CL0398 n/a RNA/DNA-metabolising metallo-beta-lactamase motif
RNase_H CL0219 53098 Ribonuclease H-like superfamily
RNase_III CL0539 69065 RNase III domain-like superfamily
RND_permease CL0322 n/a RND permease superfamily
Rof CL0639 101744 Rof/RNase P subunit-like superfamily
Rotavirus_VP7 CL0217 n/a Rotavirus VP7 protein
RRM CL0221 54928 RRM-like clan
Rubredoxin CL0045 57802 Rubredoxin-like
S11_L18p CL0267 53137 Ribosomal protein S11/L18p superfamily
S15_NS1 CL0600 47060 S15/NS1 RNA-binding domain superfamily
S24e_L23_L15e CL0652 54189 Ribosomal S24e, L23 and L15e superfamily
S4 CL0492 55174 S4 domain superfamily
S5 CL0329 54211 Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-like superfamily
SAM CL0003 47773 Sterile Alpha Motif (SAM) domain
SCP2 CL0311 55718 SCP-2 sterol transfer superfamily
Sec10 CL0294 n/a Sec10-like superfamily
Serum_albumin CL0282 48552 Serum albumin superfamily
SGNH_hydrolase CL0264 52266 SGNH hydrolase superfamily
SH2-like CL0541 55550 SH2, phosphotyrosine-recognition domain superfamily
SH3 CL0010 50044 Src homology-3 domain
ShK-like CL0213 57546 Sea anemone toxin k like
SHS2 CL0319 55135 88797 69818 SHS2 domain
Sialidase CL0434 50939 Sialidase superfamily
SICA_like CL0474 n/a SICA alpha/beta like extracellular domains
SIS CL0067 53697 SIS domain fold
Sm-like CL0527 n/a Sm (Small RNA binding protein domain)
SMAD-FHA CL0357 49879 SMAD/FHA domain superfamily
SNARE CL0212 64356 SNARE-like superfamily
SNARE-fusion CL0445 58038 SNARE-fusion membrane complex superfamily
SOCS_box CL0642 158235 SOCS-box like superfamily
SOR CL0503 49367 Superoxide reductase-like superfamily
sPC4_like CL0609 54447 PC4-like superfamily
SPFH CL0433 117892 SPFH superfamily
SPOC CL0616 100939 SPOC domain-like superfamily
SPOUT CL0098 75217 SPOUT Methyltransferase Superfamily
SRCR CL0550 56487 SRCR-like
SRP9_14 CL0623 54762 SRP alu RNA binding heterodimer, SRP9/14 superfamily
ssDNA_NP_VP CL0605 88645 ssDNA viruses Nucleoplasmin-like/VP coat superfamily
STAND_N CL0587 n/a N-terminal of fungal STAND proteins superfamily
STARBD CL0576 49452 Starch-binding domain like superfamily
STAS CL0502 52091 STAS domain superfamily
Steroid_dh CL0115 n/a Steroid oxidoreductase superfamily
STIR CL0173 52200 STIR superfamily
Succ_CoA_synth CL0506 52210 Succinyl-CoA synthetase flavodoxin domain superfamily
SufE_NifU CL0233 82649 SufE/NifU superfamily
SUKH CL0526 n/a SUKH superfamily
T3SS CL0646 140591 Type III secretion system domain superfamily
T3SS-Chaperone CL0419 n/a Type III secretion system types a and b chaperone
T3SS-hook CL0424 n/a Type III secretion system-derived superfamily, hook-related
Tad-like CL0496 n/a Flp pilus-biogenesis Tad-like superfamily
TAT CL0300 n/a Twin-Arginine Translocation Motif
TBP-like CL0407 55945 TATA-binding protein like
TerB CL0414 n/a Tellurits and antibiotic resistance superfamily
Terp_synthase CL0613 48576 Terpenoid synthases superfamily
Tetraspannin CL0347 48652 Tetraspannin-like
TetR_C CL0174 48498 TetR protein, C-terminal domain-like
THBO-biosyn CL0334 55620 Tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis-like enzyme superfamily
THDP-binding CL0254 88735 52518 Thiamin diphosphate-binding superfamily
Thiolase CL0046 53901 Thiolase-like Superfamily
Thioredoxin CL0172 52833 Thioredoxin-like
TIKI CL0572 159501 Tiki-like, or EreA-ChaN-like 2His 2Glu metallopreotease SF
TIMP-like CL0353 50242 TIMP-like superfamily
TIM_barrel CL0036 51395 63892 51351 51391 51412 51419 51690 51366 Common phosphate binding-site TIM barrel superfamily
TKC_like CL0591 52921 Transketolase C-terminal domain-like superfamily
TNF_receptor CL0607 57586 TNF receptor-like superfamily
TolA-TonB-Cterm CL0428 74653 74652 TolA/TonB C-terminal
TolB_N CL0342 52964 TolB, N-terminal domain
Toprim-like CL0413 110455 Toprim domain
TPA-repeat CL0462 n/a Transcription elongation factor C-terminal nonapeptide repeat
TPR CL0020 48452 Tetratrico peptide repeat superfamily
TRAF CL0389 49599 TRAF domain-like superfamily
Traffic CL0147 n/a Trafficking protein
Transporter CL0375 n/a Transporter superfamily, four TM region
Transthyretin CL0287 49482 49479 49472 Transthyretin superfamily
TRASH CL0175 n/a TRASH superfamily
TRB CL0206 50037 Transcriptional repressor beta-barrel domain
TRD CL0477 116734 DNA methylase specificity domain
Trefoil CL0066 50352 Beta-trefoil superfamily
Trigger_C CL0262 n/a Trigger factor/SurA domain
TrkA_C CL0582 116725 TrkA C-terminal domain-like
tRNA-IECD_N CL0476 55267 tRNA-intron endonuclease catalytic domain-like N-term
tRNA_bind_arm CL0298 46589 tRNA-binding arm superfamily
tRNA_synt_II CL0040 52375 Class II aminoacyl-tRNA and Biotin synthetases
Tropomyosin-lke CL0452 57997 Tropomyosin-like superfamily
Tubby_C CL0395 54518 Tubby C-terminal domain-like
Tubulin CL0566 524907 Tubulin nucleotide-binding domain-like, GTPase
Tubulin_C CL0442 55307 Tubulin, FtsZ and Misato and their C-termini,
Tudor CL0049 54160 Tudor domain 'Royal family'
TusA-like CL0397 64307 TusA-like superfamily
TypeIII_Chap CL0097 69635 Type III secretory system chaperone
UBA CL0214 46934 46929 UBA superfamily
UBC CL0208 54495 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme like superfamily
Ubiquitin CL0072 81271 54285 54277 54236 Ubiquitin superfamily
UcrQ-like CL0429 81508 UcrQ-like
UMP_1 CL0470 n/a Uncharacterised membrane protein superfamily (UMP1)
uPAR_Ly6_toxin CL0117 57302 uPAR/Ly6/CD59/snake toxin-receptor superfamily
Uteroglobin CL0370 48201 Uteroglobin-like superfamily
UTRA CL0122 64288 Chorismate lyase/UTRA superfamily
VCCI CL0653 49889 VCCI superfamily superfamily
Vir CL0411 n/a Antigenic variants from Plasmodium cell-surface
Viral_Gag CL0148 58630 47353 Viral Gag protein
Viral_gly_cn_dm CL0543 56983 Viral glycoprotein central and dimerisation domains
Viral_NABP CL0140 n/a Viral nucleic acid binding
Viral_ssRNA_CP CL0055 88633 Positive stranded ssRNA viruses coat protein
VPS23_C CL0596 140111 Endosomal sorting complex assembly domain
Vps51 CL0295 n/a Vps51 domain superfamily
VSA CL0656 n/a Variant surface antigens
vWA-like CL0128 53300 von Willebrand factor type A
WRKY-GCM1 CL0274 90073 WRKY-GCM1 superfamily
WYL CL0654 n/a WYL-like superfamily
YbjQ-like CL0522 117782 YbjQ-like superfamily
YgaC_TfoX-N CL0631 159894 YgaC/TfoX-N like superfamily
Yip1 CL0112 n/a Yip1/YIF1-like
YjbJ-CsbD-like CL0406 69047 YjbJ-CsbD-like superfamily
YjgF-like CL0534 55298 YjgF-like superfamily
YkuD CL0508 141523 L,D-transpeptidase catalytic domain
YqbG CL0643 116915 YqbG-like superfamily
YqgF CL0580 n/a YqgF-like family
YycI_YycH CL0285 n/a YycI/YycH superfamily
zf-FYVE-PHD CL0390 57903 FYVE/PHD zinc finger superfamily
Zn_Beta_Ribbon CL0167 57783 Zinc beta-ribbon
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