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Family: SR1P (PF13790)

Summary: SR1 protein

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SR1 RNA Edit Wikipedia article

In molecular biology, the SR1 RNA is a small RNA (sRNA) produced by species of Bacillus and closely related bacteria.[1] It is a dual-function RNA which acts both as a protein-coding RNA and as a regulatory sRNA.

SR1 RNA is involved in the regulation of arginine catabolism. SR1 RNA binds to complementary stretches of ahrC mRNA (also known as argR and inhibits translation.[2][3] AhrC endodes an arginine repressor protein which represses synthesis of arginine biosynthetic enzymes and activates arginine catabolic enzymes via regulation of the rocABC and rocDEF operons.[4][5][6]

In addition to acting as a sRNA, SR1 also encodes a small peptide, SR1P. SR1P binds to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GapA) and stabilises the gapA operon mRNAs.[7]

SR1 expression is regulated by CcpA and CcpN.[8][9]

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This family of proteins is encoded by the dual function SR1 RNA. SR1 is a sRNA which regulates arginine metabolism [1] it also encodes a short protein that binds to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GapA) and stabilises the gapA operon mRNAs [2].

Literature references

  1. Heidrich N, Chinali A, Gerth U, Brantl S;, Mol Microbiol. 2006;62:520-536.: The small untranslated RNA SR1 from the Bacillus subtilis genome is involved in the regulation of arginine catabolism. PUBMED:17020585 EPMC:17020585

  2. Gimpel M, Heidrich N, Mader U, Krugel H, Brantl S;, Mol Microbiol. 2010;76:990-1009.: A dual-function sRNA from B. subtilis: SR1 acts as a peptide encoding mRNA on the gapA operon. PUBMED:20444087 EPMC:20444087

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InterPro entry IPR025236

This protein of unknown function contains a number of highly conserved cysteine residues, which may form disulphide bonds.

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