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Family: Nbas_N (PF15492)

Summary: Neuroblastoma-amplified sequence, N terminal

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Neuroblastoma-amplified sequence, N terminal Provide feedback

Nbas_N is an N-terminal family of metazoan sequences. This domain lies at the N-terminal of several WD40-containing proteins. The human protein is over-expressed in neuroblastoma cells [1].

Literature references

  1. Fruhwald MC, O'Dorisio MS, Rush LJ, Reiter JL, Smiraglia DJ, Wenger G, Costello JF, White PS, Krahe R, Brodeur GM, Plass C;, J Med Genet. 2000;37:501-509.: Gene amplification in PNETs/medulloblastomas: mapping of a novel amplified gene within the MYCN amplicon. PUBMED:10882752 EPMC:10882752

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InterPro entry IPR029145

This entry represents the N-terminal domain of the neuroblastoma-amplified sequence (NBAS). This domain can also be found at the N terminus of several WD40-containing proteins. NBAS from human is over-expressed in neuroblastoma cells [PUBMED:10882752].

Domain organisation

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