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Proteome: Bacillus tusciae (strain DSM 2912 / NBRC 15312 / T2) (NCBI tax. ID 562970)


This section gives details of the Pfam domains that are found on the completed proteome of Bacillus tusciae (strain DSM 2912 / NBRC 15312 / T2). You can see details of the proteome in UniProt or at NCBI.

Taxonomic lineage
Number of sequences: 3135
Number of domains: 3975
Sequence coverage: 85%
Residue coverage: 66%

Domain organisation

Below is a listing of the unique domain organisations or architectures particular to this proteome. More...

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Domain composition

This section shows the composition of this proteome, in terms of the Pfam domains which are found on its constituent sequences. More...

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