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PDB entry 3V79

The applet to the left shows the structure of PDB entry 3V79, along with the Pfam domains that map onto that structure.

The protein backbone is drawn as secondary structure elements, and is coloured according to the Pfam domains found on the structure. Regions of the protein that represent Pfam domains are also surrounded by a semi-transparent molecular surface, representing the van der Waal's surface for the atoms that fall within the domain. Regions of protein that are not assigned to a Pfam-A region are shown in grey.

Molecular surfaces can be turned on and off using the buttons in the table below. Details of the mapping between the PDB structure, UniProt sequence and Pfam domain are also given in the table.

All surfaces are initially drawn as semi-transparent membranes, but you may find it quicker to manipulate the view if the surfaces are drawn as solids. Toggle surface transparency.

PDB UniProt Pfam family Colour Show/hide surface
Chain Start End ID Start End
C 34 164 SUH_HUMAN 48 178 LAG1-DNAbind ( PF09271)   Show
C 165 314 SUH_HUMAN 179 328 BTD ( PF09270)   Show
K 1884 1927 NOTC1_HUMAN 1883 1926 Ank ( PF00023)   Show
K 1929 1982 NOTC1_HUMAN 1928 1981 Ank_4 ( PF13637)   Show
K 1972 2059 NOTC1_HUMAN 1971 2058 Ank_2 ( PF12796)   Show
K 2000 2093 NOTC1_HUMAN 1999 2092 Ank_2 ( PF12796)   Show
M 16 70 MAML1_HUMAN 16 70 MamL-1 ( PF09596)   Show
Not assigned to a Pfam-A region   Show

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